Lynnesthie is the pairing of SweetCookie and MissRainbow. Lynnie and Esthie are twins and no one can deny it because they were born on the same day. They like repeating "HANNAH YOU ARE KILLING ME" and they use a lots of emoticons. When one of them arrives on chat they start saying OMG and stuff - and the like asking "how was your day?".

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If you have any questions for any - or both - of us, ask them here under this text. Write your name after your question and always write who are you gonna ask. We will answer below. So question-war starts in 5, 4, 3, 2 :

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'And we are gonna answer your questions here. We always write who asked the question and - of course - our name.' Have fun! :)

Music, films, shows, photos-gifs... stuff.Edit

Lynnie and Esthie both loves The Veronicas and Lena Katina/t.A.T.u. (Esthie also loves Julia Volkova, but doesn't know if Lynnie does, too), so they decided to put some fluff of them here. Oh and one time Esthie showed Lynne a song by Vanessa Mae, but she doesn't know if Lynnie liked it, but she memorized it as she liked it so... Well... So here comes a section for the music what they like (it can be anything, not just t.A.T.u., The Veronicas, Lena Katina or Julia Volkova):