Lanne is the pairing of Lynn and Anne. They know the name of this page is lame and actually they don't know what to put here this is just going to be the longest sentence ever, and they think this isn't going to be the longest sentence ever because this sentence ends now.

Lynn's and Anne's talk part Edit

Lynn:...and that's how we became friends.Me and Anne live in the same country.Anne is awesome.Me and Anne have same ships and we both love turtleducks.Anne is really cool and funny. Anne: I'm so HAPPY she lives in the same country now. And Lynn is awesome too! Yup. Turtleducks RULE THE WORLD. Is it a turtle, is it a duck?! NO! It's a turtleduck!Lynn:Yep!It is like all the awesomness!I wish I could have a turtle duck! :D