Janne is the pairing between Jules and Anne. They had a hard time thinking about a good name for this page. Janne is all you'll get. They both have fruit with names, Jules having an orange named Tom, and Anne having a strawberry named Frank. Anne also owns a turtleduck. Never, ever, ever, steal them.

Jules's and Anne's talk partEdit

Anne: I remember when I used to call Jules Jcu all the time and it annoyed Jules very much. Didn't it, Jcu? I don't know why I keep saying Jcu and Jules. Ask the turtleduck.

Jules: Don't ever call me Jcu, Anne. Or should I say, Fancy. Oh yeah, I went there.

Anne: Omg, ahaha, another thing. One day you decided to call me Fancy. Why, again? I don't remember. That was like last week, lol.

Jules: I started calling you Fancy because you were using accents over e's and stuff. I'm pretty sure I was high when I said that. But yeah, Fancy.

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