Ariannais the pairing of Ari and Gianna (Gia). Ari and Gia are the best of friends, and enjoy making each other laugh and fangirl. They are Obidala sisters, and have names for the numerous pairings they ship, including LLBC (Laugh Like Beck And Cat), LLRT (Laugh Like Robbie And Tori), and even one for themselves, LLGA (Laugh Like Gia And Ari). And Pood, is also an inside joke, between these two awesome gurls. They also have other names for the pairings they like, such as Bat Brownies, Creddie Cream Puffs, Obidala Orange Popsicles and Elatt Enchiladas. Also, Gia and Ari Star Wars roleplay sometimes and steal bibble from each other.

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