Anjun is the pairing of Arjun and Anne and they don't enjoy slapping each other like Z and Jules do and both are obssesed with CABBIE.

Anne and Arjun's talk part thingy Edit

~Anne: Blah blah blah. I don't feel like typing. Arjun says ok a lot. I HATE THE WORD OK!!! xD. This wiki is turning into the Victorious User Relationships Wiki or something XD.

~Arjun: I didn't know we were doing this but Anne is nice and super obssesed with Cabbie as I am too. I didn't know at to put anyway but it's true, i use OK a lot.

~Anne: Yes we are doing this Arjun. Get used to it. Well thanks, you're super nice too. And yush, I am obsessed with Cabbie, but not only that, also with Cat, Ariana and Mariana. Facts Facts Facts Facts.

~Arjun: Same Anne, I would like Cabbie to get together before victorious ends and thx for calling me nice, i'm always nice (for a boy)

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