Andie is the pairing between Anne and Maddie. Now they ran out of things to say.

Maddie's and Anne's talk partEdit

Anne: Well, I don't know if we're friends, good friends, or best friends or whatever, but I need to talk to Maddie more. Ya hear that, Maddie? And btw, Maddie, you're the one that comes to The Netherlands in December, right? I remember. You told me last night. Right, right?

Maddie: Yes, I'm the one who told you last night. Well, it wasn't last night for me, but maybe it was last night for you...time zones confuse me. And what do you need to talk to me about? Tell me, I'm right here. Oh, and I'm editing the gallery now, if that's fine with you.

Anne: Well I just want to talk to you more. And I think we have like a 6 hour difference or something? I just miss you somtimes. *le sob* Did you know Thuc and Jules are getting married?

Maddie: Aw Anne. Don't make me cry. :'( I so agree, I want to talk to you more too. So let's talk. :D lol whatever. Let's see...I live in MA which is on the East Coast. And you live in...idk. You calculate the time now. Really?!?! Duuude, where's mai invitation???

Random GalleryEdit