Analisha is the pairing of Ana and Lisha . They are lyke so weird, lyke one time we........ohh wait I can't remember. Tumblr maptqntbwk1rvgnll Ana left, Lisha right

Niranda, Vavan, Creddie, Bori are like the chiz.

ana can't be bothered to write more info so um.


These are our husbands. If you have any problems with them then that's kinda ROOD. Unless if lyke the problem is serious chiz. buttseriously idk if you can have a serious problem about dis. lala.

Kay bai.

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i dun want to kiss you okay.


Don't even kiss them.. muahaha .. Ana and Alisha love rping ps: They call it pirate peeing.. Both Ana and Alisha love saying weird words like waaaaaaaa and bloobmonkey respectively. They share the love for vavan,btr,bori and much. LOOL Dis is formal XDD - Alisha aka bloobmonkey
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we are too weird! :D

later peeps or as gohan's wife says earthlinks! lolololol